I’m a second year doctoral student in Florida State University’s Graduate Department of Religion. I have a BA from Stetson University (major: Religious Studies, minor: Gender Studies) and an MTS from Vanderbilt University Divinity School (with certification in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality).

My primary focus is understanding how individuals and societies cultivate and then manage their identities. I’m especially interested in this process after atrocities like genocide and war. As such, I read a lot on theories of collective responsibility, sovereignty, humanitarian intervention, conflict resolution, and peacemaking. (Other interests include bioethics, method in comparative religious ethics, political ethics, and visual studies.)

Professionally, I first served as a teaching assistant and now teach Religion and Twentieth Century Fantasy Literature (“The Harry Potter class”) at FSU. It keeps me thinking about stories and their importance in the world. Thus, I see work in pop culture as a study of humanity.

This blog is a collection of first drafts. As the distinguished philosopher Han Solo once said, “Sorry about the mess.”

Personally, I’m interested in American politics, photography, art collecting, travel, books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Ryan Adams and Billy Joel music, and the comedic stylings of John Mulaney. If you see me at my favorite bar with my laptop, I’m probably writing.

Photo on 2013-08-29 at 15.15


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